• Harnessing clean energy solutions

    Established in 2005 and based in Abu Dhabi, UAE,

    Solite Technologies is a specialised technology investment and advisory firm providing local and international companies active across the CleanTech space with access to the MENA market.


    Our experienced global in-house team collaboratively work with our partners and clients to design, develop, integrate, operate and scale technology solutions across the entire renewable energy value chain.

  • A sampling of our clean technology solutions

    Off-Grid Housing

    Our bespoke off-grid clean energy systems supply high quality hybrid power to residential and commercial clients for whom connection to the power grid is not a viable option.

    Mobile Power Generators

    Our mobile, robust and bespoke hybrid power generators serve the individual requirements of our clients in the Oil & Gas, Military, Police and Telecom sectors.

    Water Heating

    Our solar hot water systems are scalable solutions that can be sized for any level of residential and commercial client demand for any type of environment.

    Sun Trackers

    On average our clients have achieved an output increase of 25% with our single axis tracker and an additional 15% using our dual axis trackers thereby maximising generation.

  • Sani Supreme & Sani VE

    Ozone sanitising and disinfection

    Made in Canada, Sani Sport & Sani Defenx line of ozone sanitising cabinets and mobile disinfection units are trusted by hundreds of collegiate and professional sports teams, police & defence agencies around the world to quickly & safely eliminate harmful viruses, pathogens & foul odours from sports, tactical gear and enclosed spaces!

    Sani Supreme Single

    Ozone Sanitising Cabinet

    • Stainless Steel
    • 35 ft3 interior capacity
    • 12 minutes per cycle
    • Plug & Play
    • Zero consumables
    • Mobile

    Sani Supreme Double

    Ozone Sanitising Cabinet

    • Stainless Steel
    • 70 ft3 interior capacity
    • Larger bespoke capacity available upon request

    Sani VE

    Room and Space Sanitiser

    • Combined  ozone and aerosol disinfectant system
    • Lightweight, easy to carry
    • Ideal for classrooms, yachts, barracks, prisons, gyms, offices

    The World's First Yoga Mat Sanitiser

    Made in USA, Matsana utilises ultraviolet light quickly and easily eliminate bacteria, viruses & foul odours from yoga mats!


    • Simply place a rolled yoga mat into the feeder and push button to start
    • Eliminates 99% of harmful pathogens in only 20 seconds
    • Environmentally friendly
    • No need for sprays, wipes, residues, consumables and toxic chemicals
    • Includes easy to install wall mount

    From Construction, Defence, Real Estate to Oil & Gas, we've worked with a wide range of private and public sector clients